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On a stormy afternoon in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, a brave crowd came to support the candidacy of Sharon Moman. A little birthday cake was had also because the CANDIDATE for House District 56, turned the beautiful age of 56. How grand is that. God is INTENTIONAL. Sharon would like to thank everyone who participated in the success of a great evening. A very special thanks to Ms. Crystal Monique McLin; simply the BEST!

Ms. Moman shared with her supporters her "WHY" of running for office; BETTER HEALTHCARE, BETTER MISSISSIPPI. Below is a snippet of her speech to the supporters.

Purpose can be defined as seeing a problem that no one else see and wanting to......

NO taking your last penny, your last thought and your last breathe to solve it.

For me that’s health care for the citizens of Mississippi.

I know I’m suppose to be a politician and talk about the big 4.. Economy, criminal justice, education and healthcare.

All of these are important. One does not negate the other. So I’m not being dismissive of any.

But I know the freshman class of 2024 that will be at the capital are called for a time such as this.

Generally, we will tackle the big four, but specifically, each one of us will carve out a niche, if you will, of what GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO.

For me it’s healthcare.

IF healthcare is NOT your profession, you may be as ignorant as I was to what is happening.

Now ignorgance just means we have the wrong information or the not enough information to make decisions.

That was me.



I still don’t, to this day, know how I got on Mississippi Today’s email list.

But everyday, I am educated to what is happening regarding healthcare around our state.

The very first article I read was titled THEY CRIED.

Now I’m reading articles stating that we, Mississippi are the worse of the worse when it comes to health care

I’m reading that hospitals are having to fight for dollars that were promised to them; the pandemic funding

I’m reading that IF leadership had acted human, the state would have received almost a billion dollars in Medicaid funding over these pandemic years.

IF leadership had acted human, they would NOT have passed Medicaid expansion FOR ONLY ONE year….. an election year

This is not the time to keep turning a blind eye to Mississippi’s health crises.

Those who are in the trenches are waiting on someone to step up and stand out and speak up for what they fight for every day. SAVING LIVES.

So I guess I did kind of cover the big 4.

IF healthcare fails, somebody is not going to work – economy

IF healthcare fails, somebody is not going to school – education

IF healthcare fails, somebody will commit a crime; that’s making inappropriate decisions in a time of crises – THAT’S criminal justice because WE KNOW not all punishment is equal

I’m here my friends.

And if you will invest in me, I promised to give the citizens of Mississippi a return unheard of.

There are 174 legislatures down the street.

Less than 15% are women.

Not a fair representation for a state that has a population of 51% women.

So I’ll say what I always say, You can send a man, or you can send a MoMAN.


Y'all, MEET & GREET 2.0 will be happening soon. We can't wait to see new faces and of course, the familiar ones.


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